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Extra resources for you mindfulness learning and practice pathway.


If you have any questions or feedback about your mindfulness practice, the mindfulness coaching sessions you have attended at the Coach Hub or you would like individual support in Mindfulness Coaching & Holistic Counselling sessions please email me directly, Marion Miller marion@thecoachhub.com.au

The following are resources that can help you develop a mindfulness practice & support our work in mindfulness coaching. 

1. The Insight Timer App: The best meditation app with the world's largest FREE library of 

more than 30k guided meditations, 5k teachers & the world's most loved meditation timer. https://insighttimer.com/


2. The Mindfulness Playlist by Marion Miller. This includes the MBSR Meditations from our sessions. https://www.thecoachhub.com.au/mindfulnessplaylist

3. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program Term 1, 2021 https://www.thecoachhub.com.au/events

4. The Mindfulness Collective Facebook support group for teachers and students https://www.facebook.com/groups/497102030490006/

5. The minimalist guide to setting up your meditation space on The Coaching Blog https://www.thecoachhub.com.au/post/the-minimalists-guide-to-setting-up-your-meditation-space


6. Mindful Magazine: A magazine dedicated to inspiring, guiding, and connecting anyone 

who wants to explore mindfulness—to enjoy better health, more caring relationships, and a compassionate society. 

7. Greater Good Science Centre - Science Based Insights For a Meaningful Life. Based at 

UC Berkeley, Greater Good reports on groundbreaking research into the roots of compassion, happiness, and altruism. 

8. Jon Kabat-Zinn discusses the mindfulness attitudes on YouTube and how to use them in our 

mindfulness practice and in our lives. Jon is the founder of the centre of mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He is also the founder of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. 

9. Full Catastrophe living is the well respected book by Jon Kabat Zinn on how to cope with 

stress, pain and illness using mindfulness meditation. 

10. Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleaven https://davidtreleaven.com/

11. Mindful Self-Compassion https://self-compassion.org/

12. R.A.I.N Mindfulness practice by Tara Brach https://www.tarabrach.com/rain/

13. The Science of compassion by Stephen Porges Ph.D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=138&v=MYXa_BX2cE8&feature=emb_title&fbclid=IwAR0VdRkgVsi7pqr407ute5ADN9NpLw7RfK-UTD0nP9kpNaNFc6aQpGlNRnc

14. Interpersonal Mindfulness and relationship connection. https://www.thecoachhub.com.au/post/interpersonal-mindfulness-relationship-connection


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