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Owning Your Career, Leadership & Life Coaching Pathway in 2021

I coach brilliant women & men who are committed to their self-discovery & personal & professional growth. I can help you change direction, develop unshakable confidence & live with passion, meaning & purpose.


Whether it's achieving growth in your career or leadership, nourishing your relationships & wellness, reducing stress & recharging your energy or finding joy, balance & freedom -together we make it happen.


I'm Marion Miller, an experienced, professional Life Coach, Counsellor & Mindfulness Teacher based in Camberwell, Melbourne CBD & Online. I believe everyone has the potential to realise their dreams, conquer their fear & live meaningfully.


With a mindfulness & counselling background I can help you unpack emotional triggers, self regulate & increase your awareness. Identify limiting belief, boost your confidence & cultivate connection.

Get the tools, practices & motivation you need & be inspired to set goals, be your best & develop a life & career you love. Book your session online or schedule a free introductory call to connect with me.

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Be Empowered to Make Big Changes 


With over 15 years experience in Melbourne and now ONLINE, The Coach Hub has continued to evolve to be a leading Australian provider of Personal & Professional Coaching, Counselling, Mindfulness Services. As a result of the global pandemic in 2020, people are more aware of the importance of their health, happiness & good relationships. Many are rethinking their work & lifestyle to embrace WFH, essentialism and supporting local business & lifestyle. With clear evidence we can all adapt to change, 2021 is a new opportunity to get started on what matters most to you or your organisation & community. 


My popular 8-week Empower Program is a chance to make life, career & leadership changes you've been thinking about for sometime. Whether it's finding a new career pathway, leadership direction, enhancing your strengths, building your personal wellness & life balance or building growth fostering relationships. Our programs are holistic and client-centred and now being offered online in our Zoom classroom or in private practice in Camberwell & Melbourne CBD. Our difference is the holistic approach that recognises you're more than just your performance. We embrace the intention of learning & development, curiosity & open mindedness about the growth pathway & recognise that you're a dynamic human being & connected to an ever changing ecosystem. 

What is your Authentic Career, Leadership or Life Pathway?

• Finding a meaningful direction in your life or work

• Reducing stress, anxiety, depression or trauma

• Mindfulness, self-compassion & movement for mental health

• Growth fostering relationship, intimacy & navigating conflict

• Using your body awareness & power postures for success

• Balancing your energy resources & wellness strategies

• Understanding emotional triggers & the nervous system

• Uncover subconscious blind spots & develop insight

• Growth mindset, self-belief & stretching comfort zones

• Developing unshakable confidence & taking risks

• Starting up your passion project & small business

• Changing, transitioning or advancing your career 

• Authentic personal branding

• Developing creativity, talent & storytelling skills

• Using social media & Linked In 

• Polishing CV & interview skills

• Developing your workplace culture mindfully

• Leading through change more effectively

• Social, ethical & sustainable community development

• Management, authentic leadership & empowering teams


Let's make it happen- Get in touch today! 

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Kind Words from Our Career, Leadership & Life Coaching Clients


Taryn Peck | CEO The Joyful Edit | Empower Program

"I thought you might like to know that you have made a huge impact on my future direction.  After our sessions, and the reason that sharing and creating joy is my why, supported by a love or travel and food, I have created The Joyful Edit. The idea was initially to improve my writing skills, but it’s morphed into something all of its own. Super happy and excited about the direction ahead! Thank you so much - you really have made a huge difference in my life."

Louise Daniels | YWCA | Operations Manager | Empower Program

“ I participated in the 8 week Mindfulness Course which focussed on professional resilience, leadership and change management in the workplace. I found Marion to be extremely insightful and down to earth. I gained valuable insight into assessing work relationships, managing stress and decision making. I learned to meditate and now practise this daily, but more importantly, I regained my self-confidence and made some positive decisions throughout my eight week course. Huge thanks to Marion for support, empathy and kindness. I would recommend Marion to anyone wishing to learn mindfulness and gain balance in their life.”

Adai Alagu | Enterprise Architect | Coles | Empower Program

"Marion is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener and highly pragmatic mindfulness coach. She has been extremely helpful in assessing my strengths and passion to build a vision for my professional and personal life. I have gained valuable tools and coaching from Marion to be more present and to listen respectfully. She has certainly increased my self-awareness during challenging situations. Marion is an inspiration for me and my partner to meditate every day to transform our life more calmer and happier. I am very grateful to have worked with her during challenging period professionally and highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is looking to transform their life happier and healthier" 

"Let's design a thriving life, leadership & career coaching pathway. Develop your growth mindset, action your plans, live in connection with people in the present moment & you will be achieve your goals mindfully" ~ Marion Miller

What is Coaching, Mindfulness & Counselling?


Coaching is best described as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process designed to maximise their personal and professional potential. Career, Leadership & Life Coaching is client-driven, goal orientated, learning and performance focussed on the here and now. Coaching can help you grow positively in the areas of life, wellness, relationships, career and leadership. 


Mindfulness coaching works by cultivating the capacity to control attention, regulate emotions and expand self awareness. Mindfulness Coaching involves learning specific meditations and practicing skills that integrate the mind and body and give rise to insight. It involves acceptance, gentle nurturing, developing spaciousness, compassion and equanimity. Mindfulness helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression and helps develop your resources for living authentically. Our program is drawn from MBSR and the Insight traditions.


Counselling is an interpersonal relationship that promotes the clients mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing. Counselling enhances self-understanding and insight, aims to resolve identified personal and professional problems through a supportive relationship. Problems can include stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, parenting and women's issues. Holistic counselling involves mindfulness, talking, journalling, creative arts practices, role playing and movement.

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