EAP Counselling

EAP counselling for employees provides a safe space for employees to reflect on issues that may be impacting them while being supported to find solutions and resolve what they can. Employee counselling can help you with anxiety and depression, trauma and PTSD, grief and loss, family and work related issues, social and emotional issues and parenting.

Our Counselling sessions aim to help you accept the past, process difficult emotions and recover from maladaptive belief and behaviour. Sessions can help you let go of unhelpful thinking patterns, uncover obstacles to your growth and be supported to move toward acceptance and positive change. 


The Benefits of EAP Counselling 

• Reduced Stress and Anxiety

• Improved Mental Health & Wellbeing

• Better Quality Sleep 

• Recover from Burnout & Fatigue

• Support navigating Grief and Loss

• Calmness and Mental Clarity

• Reduced Absenteeism 

• Processing Trauma & PTSD

• Presence & Engagement in Work

• Resolve Workplace Conflicts

• Build Stronger Relationships

• Positive Parenting Support

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