Leadership Coaching

In the leadership coaching program you can expect to identify your strengths & weakness, map a values-based direction & create an inspiring personal brand & communication strategy. Develop skills for growth fostering relationships, wellbeing & innovation. Get better at managing complex changes & driving sustainable growth in your life, business or workplace.

Leadership coaching draws from organisational theory, systems theory, career counselling & coaching psychology, emotional intelligence science, holistic counselling, mindfulness & authentic leadership.


Marion works with leaders from corporate executives, entrepreneurs, MBA students, social enterprise, start up leads, business owners, school principals & wellbeing leads, psychologists, artists & people returning to work or starting a passion project. Marion has extensive experience working in the DET with Work Safe across Victoria & with several other large corporate clients.

The Benefits of Leadership Coaching

  • Managing Stress, Anxiety & Burnout

  • Maximise your Strengths, Align With Values

  • Develop Communication Skills

  • Women Issues in Emerging Leadership

  • Discover Your Purpose & Increase Your Impact

  • Work/Life Balance, Mindfulness & Wellbeing

  • Develop your Personal Brand & Legacy

  • Delegation, Negotiating & Influencing

  • Difficult Relationships & Resolving Conflict

  • Develop an Authentic Leadership Style

  • Organisational Process & Systems Approaches

  • Empowering Others To Lead & Collaboration

  • Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability

  • Develop Your Creativity & Innovative

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