Marion Miller 

Founder | Professional Coach & Counsellor | Mindfulness Teacher

I am the spirited daughter of German immigrant from Hamburg and a farmer from King Island. My life begun on the land in country Tasmania before moving to Melbourne during childhood. I have always had a curious mind and natural presence and grew up in the world of mindfulness and psychology in Melbourne. By the time I was twenty years old I was attending mindfulness workshops with my mum, meditating regularly and beginning to ask some deeper questions about the pathway of life that inspired me to eventually take on formal study.

Life has thrown me some curveballs, like my parents splitting up when we moved to the city, an abusive step father coming into my life, losing my mum to suicide in 1999 and the end of my marriage years later. I have also has some incredible adventures that have helped shaped me; like a road trip around Australia for 9 months and spending time in indigenous communities, living and teaching kinder class in a Buddhist temple in Japan. After birthing and having the privilege of raising four daughters and meeting my beloved partner and best friend, my life has really blossomed. We've shared adventures like hiking the grampians, parenting the girls, sailing, exploring the Daintree and immersing ourselves into silent meditation retreats together.

I founded my first coaching business over 15 years ago and its evolved to what The Coach Hub is today. I believe with the right skills, support and conditions you can craft an authentic life and career pathway that is meaningful. Drawing from a long career, extensive professional training and life experience, I have developed and designed effective coaching programs combining eastern and western approaches.

I am an artist, writer and published author. I create original coaching, counselling and mindfulness content across multiple platforms, host a regular video series on social media and a write for several publications. I am a LGBTIQ advocate, feminist & nature lover. I am passionate about helping people overcome setbacks and realise their potential.

Professional education and mindfulness training includes:

• Coaching Diploma in Career, Business and Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute of Australia, 2015.

• Meditation Teacher Training, Melbourne Meditation Centre with Matt Young, 2009.

• MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), Mindfulness Training Institute Australia, 2015.

• Mindful Leadership, Compassion Masterclass with Emiliana Simon Thomas PhD, 2016. 

• 3rd year student of Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching), Australian Colleague of Applied Psychology, 2016- on-going.

• Mindful Self-Compassion Core Skills with Christopher Germer, PhD. & Kathleen Cator, 2017.

• Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness online: Theory and skills to make meditation safe and effective for trauma survivors with David Trevelen PhD, 2019.

• Introduction to Eco-Therapy - Online, Wilderness Reflections, 2020.

Mentors who have influenced me:

Simonne Jameson PhD.

Arian Young. 

Teachers I have sat with on retreat:

• Insight Day Retreat, Recollective Awareness, Jason Siff, 2010.

• Insight Meditation 7 day silent Retreat: How the Dharma Informs Mindfulness-Based Approaches, Bob Stahl and Timothea Goddard, NSW, 2016.

• Insight Meditation Retreat, Open Heart, Open Mind 7 day silent retreat, Subhana Barzaghi and Carol Perry, Victoria, 2017.

• Insight Meditation day retreat, Equanimity: Finding Balance in our practice, James and Jane Baraz, 2018.

• Insight Meditation 3 day Silent Retreat, Opening Heart, Anton Eastick, 2018. 

• Insight & Eco-Dharma retreat: Earth in Mind, Robyn Gibson and Rupert Marques 2019.

• Insight Retreat: New Years Retreat, Anton Eastick and Neli Martin, 2019.

Approaches that have influenced me:

Solution Focussed Approach, Narrative Coaching, Attachment theory, Trauma-informed Counselling, Positive Psychology, Person-Centred Coaching, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), Insight, Tibetan & Zen Buddhism, NLP, Organisational Behaviour, Psychodynamic Counselling, Hakomi  & Nature-Based Counselling.

​When Marion is not working she's spending time with my four daughters, partner, dog and cat. She enjoys travelling the world, being at the beach, bush walking, sailing, gardening, painting, yoga and dance.

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