Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing Coaching for Individuals and Workplace


Wellbeing Coaching is a proactive and holistic approach to support your emotional and mental health. Wellbeing Coaching can help you reduce stress and the impacts it has on your body and mind, help you regain your vitality and increase your motivational energy. Wellbeing Coaching can help you identify the areas you can focus on such as nutrition, exercise, stress/mood, mental clarity, sleep, fatigue, emotions, illness, strengths or relationships/family. In sessions your coach can help you build a plan of action and develop strategies so you can reach your goal.

How does Wellbeing Coaching at The Coach Hub work?

Individuals can purchase a package of sessions (we recommend at least 4) or single sessions. Employers can also purchase packages for individual employees or a team as part of an EAP or workplace coaching program. Once you have been allocated a coach you can make your bookings online for in person or live online session.

The Benefits of Wellbeing Coaching

• Reduced Stress and Anxiety

• Boost Confidence 

• Increased Energy and Motivation

• Better Quality Sleep 

• Increased Positive Emotions

• Calmness and Emotional Wellbeing

• Challenging Unhelpful Beliefs

• Mindfulness and Self-compassion

• Stronger Engagement and Presence

• Boost Creativity 

• Collaboration and Teamwork

• Relationship Satisfaction

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