Workplace Workshops

Wellbeing, Career Resilience and Leadership Workshops


Our Workshops are designed to support the wellbeing, performance & good leadership of your people. Providing personal & professional skill development & holistic support that can benefit your employees & the culture of your organisation. Depending on your organisational needs the workshops can be delivered individually or offered in a series either online or in person and run for 90 minutes each. Our workshops are facilitated by experienced and credentialed coaches and counsellors in an engaging format across Australia. Employee participation is encouraged in activities and take-away  action steps to solidify the learning and development.

Workshop Topics Available 

• Workplace Mindfulness 

• Stress Reduction

• Growth Mindset

• Self Care & Wellbeing 

• Authentic Leadership

• Emotional Intelligence

• Compassion Culture

• Mindful Eating 

• Strengthening Relationships